Our Approach

Every person has two types of hunger…physical and spiritual. At Filling The Void, that’s why We Feed. The Soul.

Our mission is to lift up the homeless and needy. The people we serve are hungry alright, but they’re also desperate for something deeper – hope. They’ve told us so.

We take a two-fold approach to help the “whole” person, feeding them physically with high-quality sack lunches and ministering to their spiritual needs, as well.

We serve Arby’s roast beef and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches while sharing Bible verses and offering to pray with folks, too. The goal is to foster lasting life-change and to see them go from meals to miracles.

Since 2003, we’ve served more than 250,000 meals. Recently, we served 31,548 meals in 2022, which is our new high in a calendar year.

We serve people where we find them – shaking their hands, learning their names, and pointing them to other agencies where they can get additional support.

About 1/3 of those we serve are homeless. Another 1/3 live in shelters or temporary housing. The other 1/3 are simply just trying to get by and keep up with the bills.

In a nutshell, we’re mobile, mission-minded, and motivated by Matthew 9:36 where “Jesus saw the crowds and was moved with compassion.” Please holler our way at kelly@fillingthevoid.com